Cem Habib is a married person. He married Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury in 2004. The couple has been married for about 15 years.

A happy marriage is about memories of promise, forgiveness, and togetherness, to never give up on each other.

Caroline Stanbury married Cem Habib

Cem Habib is Caroline Stanbury’s husband. Know about their marriage, children, net worth
In Photo: Caroline Stanbury and Cem Habib during their marriage
The 45-year-old reality star, Caroline Stanbury tied her knot with Turkish born Cem Habib in 2004.

He is a caring husband and him gifted marble sculpture of a handbag for an anniversary present, a canary yellow diamond ring after the couple’s twins were born.

They like to spend their vacations and attend events together.

Cem Habib is Caroline Stanbury’s husband. Know about their marriage, children, net worth
Cem Habib and Caroline Stanbury in Malibu, August 2015, (Instagram)

Cem and Caroline’s relationship and their children

Cem has shown that he’s a supportive father and husband (especially as Caroline struggles to keep her business afloat this season).

Their married life is going as smoothly as there are no rumors about their separation or an extra-marital affair.

Being knotted with Caroline, he has welcomed three amazing kids. They welcomed their daughter Yasmine Habib in 2006. And later, they welcomed twin sons, Aaron, and Zac in 2010.

In Photo: Caroline Stanbury with her family
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Cem Habib’s Profession

He is a partner for a private equity firm and he previously worked in an investment management company Cheyenne Capital where he was London’s most high profile hedge fund manager.

These days, Cem seems to be involved with the live-streaming app MyEye, and he’s in good company.

He has a successful career of his own. He frequently travels around the world.

Caroline said,

He speaks six languages and has the best memory ever,

Caroline added,

[It’s] giantly annoying for me who likes to forget certain things.

Despite jetting all over the world, Cem and Caroline make time for a date night once a week.

She said,

Every Friday we do a movie dinner night with all our children and have a sleepover in our room. They all have their own mattresses and they sleep on the floor next to us! They look forward to it every week and so do we.

Cem is not originally from London

Cem is a perfect example of that, who is originally from Turkey. Though he still returns to his native land every once in a while, London is truly his home now.

Past relationship of Sem Habib and Caroline Stanbury

Cem Habib has not mentioned his past relationship status. She has had an affair with several people in the past.

When she was 24-year-old, she dated actor Hugh Grant and the pair began secretly dating.

In 2000, she dated Prince Andrew after his marriage split from the Duchess of York – he even took her to a Martha’s Vineyard Gala with Bill and Hillary Clinton. The pair separated due to the continued press attention on their relationship.

Before marrying her husband, she also dated Sylvester Stallone and footballer Ryan Giggs.

Love-rat Giggs was in a relationship with his future wife Stacey Cooke at the same time as he was dating Caroline in 2002. The relationship ended when Stacey got pregnant.

Cem Habib’s Net worth

Cem Habib is a credible businessman and financier. He is earning an extraordinary salary and he has an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars. He and Caroline own a house in England.

Short bio of Cem Habib

Cem Habib is a successful Financier and partner at CIS Private Equity Management Limited. He is famous as the husband of Caroline Stanbury. He was born on February 21, 1975, in Turkey, He received BA and BS degree in International Business and Finance.

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