Former Delaware Senator Joe Biden was elected 47th US Vice President in 2008 along with President Barack Obama. Obama's second term as vice president in 2012, when he was re-elected to the presidency.

Who is Joe Biden?

Joe Biden - Age, Family, Career, Biography & More
Joe biden
Joe Biden worked as a lawyer for a while before turning to politics. He is the fifth-youngest U.S. in history. He became the longest-serving senator of the state and Delaware. His 2008 presidential campaign never materialized, but Democratic nominee Barack Obama elected him as his running mate, and Biden served two terms as the 47th vice president of the United States. In 2017, at the end of his administration, Obama presented Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Two years later, Joe Biden began his campaign for US president in 2020.

In the early years

Born on November 20, 1942, long before reaching one of the nation's top political offices, Joe Biden — who grew up in Scranton, a blue-collar city in northeastern Pennsylvania. His father, Joseph Biden Sr., worked as a furnace cleaning and used car salesman. His mother was Catherine Eugenia "Jean" Finnegan.

Biden inspired his parents with hard work, hard work, and perseverance. "Champ, the man's measure is not how often he gets knocked down, but how fast he gets up," he often reminded his father. When he got home because he was harassing one of the older children in the neighborhood, his mother said to him, "Bloody their nose, you can walk down the street the next day!"

Biden attended St. Paul's Elementary School in Scranton. In 1955, when he was 13, the family moved to Mayfield, Delaware — a fast-growing middle-class community mainly run by the nearby Dupont Chemical Company.

During his childhood, Joe Biden struggled to stutter and the children called him "Dash" and "Joe Impedimenta" to mock him. He eventually overcame his barrier by memorizing long passages of poetry and reciting them aloud in front of a mirror.

Biden attended St. Helena School until he was accepted into the prestigious Archmer Academy. Although he had to help tutor his family by washing school windows and lining the gardens, Biden had long dreamed of attending school, which he called "the object of My deepest desire, my Oz. “At Archmere, Joe Biden is a strong student and, despite his small size, is a standout receiver on the football team. “Joe was a slim kid, ”recalls his coach,“ but Biden was one of the best pass receivers I have had in 16 years as a coach. “Biden graduated from Archmer in 1961.

College, marriage and law school

Joe attended the University of Delaware near Biden, where Joe studied history and political science and played football. He admits that during his first two years of college, he was more interested in football, girls, and parties than academics. But he has taken a keen interest in politics all these years, and in 1961, John F. Kennedy. The Kennedy inauguration was partly rebounded.

On a spring break trip to the Bahamas in his junior year, Biden met a Syracuse University student named Nilia Hunter and, in his words, "fell in love with a donkey on a tin cup - at first glance." Encouraged by his new love, he applied his studies more fully and enrolled at Syracuse University Law School in 1965 after graduating from Delaware. Biden and Hunter were married the following year, 1966.

Biden is at best a general law student. In his first year at Syracuse, he turned down a class for failing to refer to a judicial review article. Although he claimed it was accidental surveillance, the incident haunted him later in his career.

Early political career

After graduating from law school in 1968, Biden moved to Wilmington, Delaware, to begin practice at a law firm. Joe Biden is an active member of the Democratic Party, and in 1970 he was elected to the New Castle County Council. In 1971, while working as a councilman, Biden opened his own law firm.

In addition to his busy career, Biden has three children: Joseph Biden III (born 1969), Hunter Biden (born 1970), and Naomi Biden (born 1971). "Everything is happening faster than I expected," Biden said of his life at the time.

In 1972, the Delaware Democratic Party voted 29-year-old Biden to become the leading Republican for the United States Senate. Caleb encouraged Boggs to compete. While some thought he had a chance, Biden ran a tireless campaign run mostly by family members. His sister, Valerie Biden Owens, served as his campaign manager, and both his parents campaigned on a regular basis. That November, Biden became the fifth-youngest US president in the nation's history, in a fierce contest with big voting. Became a senator.

Family tragedy

Just as Biden's wildest dreams seemed to be coming true, he suffered a devastating tragedy. Just seven days before Christmas in 1972, Joe's wife and three children were involved in a deadly car accident while shopping for a Christmas tree. The accident killed his wife and daughter and seriously injured both his sons Beau and Hunter. Biden felt inseparable and even suicidal. He recalled, "I began to understand how desperation led people to just money; how suicide was not an option, but a rational choice ... I felt God had made it. a terrible job on me and I was angry."

However, with the encouragement of his family, Biden decided to honor his commitment to representing the Delaware people in the Senate. He skipped the new senators' swearing-in ceremony in Washington and instead swore off his son's hospital room. To spend as much time as possible with his children, and Biden decided to live in Wilmington, commuting daily from Washington and on the Amtrak train, a practice he continued during his long tenure in the Senate.

Senate Years

From 1973 to 2009, Biden delivered a distinguished Senate career. During his time in the Senate, Biden was honored as one of the body's leading foreign policy experts, and for many years served as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. His many foreign policy positions include advocating for strategic arms restrictions with the Soviet Union, promoting peace and stability in the Balkans, expanding NATO to include former Soviet-bloc countries, and opposing the First Gulf War. In later years, he called for American action to end the genocide in Darfur, and President George W. Bush. Bush spoke out against organizing the Iraq war, particularly against the 2007 surge of troops.

In addition to foreign policy, Biden has been openly advocating stricter criminal law. In 1987, Supreme Court nominee Robert Bourke failed to get confirmation, calling on Biden, who was then chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In 1994, Biden sponsored the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act to recruit 100,000 police officers and increase the punishment for many crimes.

Presidential ambitions

In 1987, after settling as one of Washington's leading Democratic lawmakers, Biden moved to the US. He decided to run for president. He has since stepped down from the Democratic primary, though there have been reports that he has robbed part of a speech.

During the campaign, Biden suffered a severe headache, and shortly after he left in 1988, doctors discovered that he had two fatal brain aneurysms. Problems from subsequent brain surgery led to blood clots in his lungs, which led to another surgery. Always resilient, Biden returned to the Senate after a seven-month recovery period.

The US. Vice-President

In 2007, more than 20 years after his first presidential bid was unsuccessful, Biden once again returned to the U.S. He decided to run for president. Despite her years of experience in the Senate, the Biden campaign has spawned a field dominated by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Biden dropped out after receiving less than one percent of the key Iowa Caucus vote.

Several months later, after a hard-fought battle against Clinton, Obama secured the Democratic nomination — with Biden as his running mate. With his working-class roots, Biden helped the Obama campaign deliver a message of economic recovery for key blue-collar voters in swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

On November 2, 2008, Barack Obama and Joe Biden defeated Arizona Senator John McCain and the Republican ticket of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. On January 20, 2009, Obama was sworn in as the 44th U.S. president and Biden became the 47th vice president.

Although Biden served mostly as a backstage adviser to the president, he was particularly active in shaping federal policies for Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2010, the Vice President used his well-established Senate connections to help secure the ratification of a new strategic arms reduction treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation.

Biden seemed to enjoy the opportunity to play a key role in the Obama administration. After the 2008 election, he said, "This is a historic moment. I started my career fight for civil rights, and a moment in American history to be a part of both. Here are the best people, the best ideas, how can I do that?"

The single best reflection of the American people — at the time, maybe called with a man who has such incredible talent and is in many ways a breakthrough — I think that’s really exciting. This is the new America. This is a reflection of the new America. "

Re-election and second term

Republican challenger Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, and Romney vice-president running mate of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan faced off. Obama defeated Romney in the 2012 election, earning him a second term as president and Biden as vice president. President Obama received nearly 60 percent of the electoral votes and was popular with over 1 million ballots.

Later that year, Biden showed how vice president he was. He has been instrumental in achieving a bilateral agreement on tax increases and spending cuts to prevent the fiscal cliff crisis. With the deadline, Biden was able to reach a deal with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. On January 1, 2013, the Fiscal Cliff Bill was passed in the Senate after months of tough debate. The House of Representatives approved it later that day.

During this time, Biden also became a prominent figure in the national debate about gun control. He was elected to lead a task force on the issue after a school shooting at Newtown, Connecticut elementary school that December. In January 2013, Biden presented solutions to reduce gun violence nationwide. Among other recommendations, using his executive order, the President outlined 19 actions that could be taken on the issue.

Personal life and the post-White House

Biden has been married to his second wife, Jill Biden since 1977. The couple's daughter, Ashley, was born in 1981. On May 30, 2015, Biden suffered another personal loss when his son Beau died at the age of 46. Brain cancer. "Beau Biden is the best person any of us has ever known," Biden wrote in a statement about his son.

Following the tragedy, Biden considered running for the presidency but was laid to rest in October 2015 when he announced he would not seek a 2016 Democratic nomination. Referring to the recent death of his son Jill and his wife, President Obama, at the White House Rose Garden, Biden made his statement: "My family and I have worked through the grief process. I am certain that it is closed Edit. "

Biden said: "Although I am not a candidate, I am not silent. I think I should speak clearly and forcefully. I have been able to influence where we stand as a party and where we are as a nation."

Joe Biden - Age, Family, Career, Biography & More

On January 12, 2017, President Obama presented Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, at a surprise event at the White House. Obama called Biden "the best vice president for America" ​​and "the lion of American history" and said he was honored for the faith in your fellow Americans, your love for the nation, and your continued service to life. Biden made a passionate speech, thanking the President, First Lady Michelle Obama, his wife Jill and his children.

As promised, Biden refused to remain silent even after leaving the office. Known for his opposition to Obama's successor, Donald Trump, he occasionally came to criticize the 45th president. At the October 2017 event, Trump declared that he "did not understand the regime," and the following month he bombed a White House official for defending white nationalist groups.

Additionally, Biden occasionally revealed his mixed feelings about skipping the opportunity to run for president in 2016. In March 2017, he said he was "winning" and in November, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he outlined those ideas. "No man or woman should declare that they are running for the presidency unless the two questions are answered," he said. "One, do they really believe that they are the most deserving person of the moment? I believe that I am - but I have been able to give my whole heart, my whole soul, and my purpose to the effort. I know that I am not."

A few weeks later, on a talk show called The View, Biden tied the knot with co-host Meghan McCain, whose father, Senator John McCain, was diagnosed with the same brain cancer that killed Beau Biden. When Meghan McCain was visibly upset when discussing the disease, the VP gently took her hand to comfort her, pointing out how Senator McCain inspired everyone with her courage. "There is hope," he said. "And if anyone can make it, your daddy can [do it]."

In an interview with Al Sharpton the following spring, Biden said he would not rule out running for the presidency in 2020, but that he had not recovered enough from his son's death to dedicate the effort. “I really hope to take a few more steps,” he said. "I think we have some good people. I know that I should walk away - there is someone who can do this and win because we have to win. We must win in 2020."

The results of the June Harvard CAPS / Harris poll indicated that Democrats were not ready to move Biden further away, as he topped the poll, with 32 percent of respondents saying they would favor the party's nomination in 2020. Hillary Clinton came in second at 18 percent and Bernie Sanders at third at 16 percent.

While thinking about the presidency the following March, Biden encountered a new problem when former Nevada State Assemblywoman Lucy Flores published an article explaining that Biden kissed her inappropriately during a campaign. Biden responded with a statement, recalling "countless handshakes, hugs, affectionate expressions of support and consolation," which he gave to political friends over the years, "and never - ever - believed that I had acted inappropriately. Not intended. "

A few days later, former congressional aide, Amy Lappos came up with the story of how Biden once inconvenienced her in fundraising, indicating that the matter would be delayed by a presidential campaign.

2020 Presidential Campaign

On April 25, 2019, Biden made the news that he was running for president in 2020.

In his 3 1/2 minute video statement, the former VP referred to President Trump's attempt to equalize people on both sides of the violent, racially charged side in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. "The threat to our country" is different from what I have seen in my lifetime. "

Although he easily ran most Democratic elections at the time he entered the race, the Biden nomination soon became a litmus test for a progressive-based party. Stressing the challenges of presenting himself as a moderate, Biden was criticized for affirming his support for the Hyde Amendment, a 43-year-old measure that banned federal funding for abortion, shortly after his position was reversed.

During the first Democratic primary debate in late June, Biden set his track record when Kamala Harris took him to task for opposing buses as a way to consolidate schools in the 1970s. He did much better in subsequent negotiations, in which he demonstrated his good grip on foreign policy and tied his successes with President Obama.

Meanwhile, a new issue emerged in September 2019 as President Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden and his son Hunter. This stems from Hunter's earlier involvement with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings and Biden's efforts to oust the country's prosecutor general at the time.

In a speech on September 24, Biden called Trump's actions a "misuse of power," and said he would support the indictment if the president did not cooperate with Congress.

After the acquittal of Trump's impeachment hearing on February 5, 2020, Biden finished fourth in the Iowa Caucus and then fifth in the New Hampshire primary. But he rebounded with a spectacular victory in South Carolina earlier this month, and his um struck by announcing more delegates from voting on Super Tuesday in early March, his surge alienating his top competitors from the race.

During a one-on-one discussion with Sanders in mid-March, Biden committed to nominating a woman to serve as his vice president. When Sanders finished his campaign in early April, he became the ump attending Democratic nominee, though he was found guilty of sexual harassment charges, this time from former aide Tara Reid.

Joe Biden Networth

After years of silence, the 2020 presidential hopeful released his federal tax returns earlier this year. Biden has been campaigning for his federal returns since July 9, 2016, and 2018, revealing that he and his wife, Jill, have taken more than $ 15 million since Obama left the White House.

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